Log Cabin Homes log cabin kits alaska

Modular log cabins, or log cabin homes are our specialty.  We assist our customers with log homes designs daltonlogshells.com husqvarna chainsaw parts alaska.

Dalton Log Shells is a high quality small log cabin kits builder.  Our quality of log joinery is maintained by meticulous attention to detail.  Our owner is the log craftsman.  There are no slackhanded beginners learning on your log cabin homes!  Scribe fit log joinery takes time, thus our company uses only highly experienced craftsman to pre- assemble our shells.

Our enterprise, log cabin kits, log cabin homes, is very small, usually about one per spring.  Our production begins in April and must curtail in August, with the possible exception of inside finish work.  For this reason your project must be booked before summer, or wait until the following year. please get in early!

Techniques Employed in our log cabin kits or modular log cabins:

  1. Over-scribing and underscribing: This well established method is used and taught by the best log cabin homes builders world-wide, in log cabin kits construction.
  2. Shrink-fit saddle notches: Our saddle notches are unique in style and appearance. These notches are essentially equivalent to the best and most common notches used in the professional log homes building trade. We have found our style to fit better over time.
  3. Lateral seam between logs: shallow cove. We use a technique developed ourselves, to keep cove joints tighter over time, than traditional shallow cove style joinery.
  4. Controlled Checking: We use kerfing as a method of minimizing slump of logs in our log cabin homes over time.
  5. Mitered Trusses: Our log builder has been trained in mitered log truss building by the world's foremost log building teacher. We use this valuable skill where applicable on our modular log cabins.
  6. Finish Sanding: This meticulous work, results in a smooth beautiful wood grain finish that will be easy to see and clean over time. Few modular log cabins come with this laborious extra.